Leela The Explorer
Filipina in America

My 2nd time in Jollibee, first in San Jose, California and now in New Jersey, Yehey!!

I started traveling with my husband in our Motor home on November 2017 from Santa Cruz, California to New York City I found out that Jollibee in New York City will be open soon. And I tried to find in New Jersey, And the moment of truth I really miss Jollibee. And finally here is my lucky day! 

Jollibee is located 393 Danforth Ave, Jersey City NJ 07305, it’s a busy day due
to summer break, i saw many Filipino customers and few black people.

I ordered 2 spicy chickenjoy, spaghetti, peach mango pie and fries. The same taste as in the Philippines, for the food i ate except the spaghetti. The sauce it’s not as yummy as in the Phils.

I met Rene one of the Crew, he work there since Jollibee opened. As i checked in the counter all the crew are Filipino, And of course, we had spoken our national language which is Tagalog or Filipino. I’m so happy meeting my Kababayans!


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