What’s Inside of our 40 ft. Motorhome?

Leela’s Full Time RV LIVING

This is our second Motorhome we bought it on Sept 2017, 40 ft. Holiday Rambler Endeavor 2002 model with 3-Slides.

For today’s blog I’m sharing the inside of our 40 ft. Motorhome, My husband and I travelled from California last November 2017, and we’ve been to 31 States so far. About mechanical problems my husband can fix 90 percent of our Motorhome and cars.

We live full time in our 40 ft. Motorhome, and everything we need is in our place like combo washer/dryer. For Laundry Time, I’m using America’s leading combo washer -dryer brand since 1984, Splendide Washer/ Dryer the best for RV/ Motorhome that combines both washing unit and drying unit into one cabinet which allow the unit to go from washing to drying automatically.

I really love RV living!! Less Stuff More Travel…

Holiday Rambler Endeavor with 3 Slides

s-l500 (3)
RV Sofa Bed Original
We replaced our RV Sofa Bed and with coffee table.
s-l500 (4)
RV Sofa Bed on the other slide.
s-l500 (5)
Master’s Bedroom
s-l500 (6)
Sink in the Master’s Bedroom
s-l500 (8)
Toilet room

Shower Room
s-l500 (7)
Four doors Refrigerator
Combo washer/dryer
2 monitors in the masters bedroom
2 monitors in the Master’s Bedroom
4- Drawers Dresser in the Master’s Bedroom

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Hello Folks! Welcome to my Blog, I am Leela, from the Philippines, now residing in the United States. I live in a Motor Home for two years. This blog is all about My Mobile life in America.

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