Filipina Loves Roasted Pig

So happy today! My first time to see roasted pig in the U.S. I’m here visiting some friends in Ohio. I’m lucky today to eat my favorite food from the Philippines “Lechon” (Roasted Pig) for almost two years here in America, I really miss eating roasted pig. Thanks for the invitation.

In every occasion in the Philippines, like Fiesta, Birthday, Baptism, Christmas and New Year. Lechon is the most specialty food of the Filipinos.

The American version of roasted pig.

Filipino Style

Thompson Ice House

20180714_145420Historical place in South Bristol, Maine

Area: 3 acres
Address: 4568 ME-129, South Bristol, ME 04568


South Bristol, Maine

Museum Established by the gift of Herbert and Gwendolyn Thompson in 1987. The property included the pond, ice house, and certain ice harvesting tools. The present structure is a partial replica of the ice house that existed in 1985. The ice business began in 1826, When Asa Thompson dammed a brook from springs to create Thompson pond. At some unknown time, the ice house was built, enlarged several times and used by Asa’s descendants until 1985, thus providing 159 years of ice service to the community.

Through a grant from the Maine Historical Preservation Commission, drawings were executed to the Historic American Building Survery Standards. The Deteriorated Ice House structure was dismantled in 1990. Materials were salvaged to the fullest extent possible. Present building was constructed by Erik Ekholm & Robert Leone in 1990. Dam facing replaced by Raymond Poole in 1989.

Museum is maintained by the Thompson Ice House Preservation Corp. & through the supportof the community and friends and patrons of the Thompson Ice House.



Leela’s Show Goodwill dress and shoes for $10

“Here is my OOTD”

I love this dress and I wore this to the wedding.

I love to shop at Goodwill because it is inexpensive and practical for me. As long as your comfortable of what you wear that is the most important. I like shopping at thrifty store. I enjoy a lot and I can stretch the dollar.

I’m just here showing that in any dress or clothes you wear, just be yourself and confidence is smart.

Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear.

Fashion is what you buy,

Style is what you do with it.